MOT Testing

Presently most vehicles in the UK require an MOT once they reach three years old and from there on an annual basis.  We are a VOSA approved MOT Test station for Class 4 vehicles, which covers almost all passenger cars and small vans.  Our MOT test costs £35.  

MOT Tips

  • What should I do before I bring my car in for it's MOT

There's plenty you can check on your own to avoid failing the MOT on some minor items.  Check that all of your lights work (front fogs and reverse lights are not tested), your wipers and washers work correctly (at the front) you engine oil and other fluids are at the correct level, tyre pressures are correct and there is enough fuel in the car.

  • My vehicle has passed, but I have some advisories on my MOT certificate, what does this mean?
An advisory is a note to inform you that an item on your vehicle has been noted as being close to a failure but not yet a reason to fail the test.  An MOT tester has to test to the standards laid out by the DVSA and as much of the test is subjective as opposed to being a measurable fact then testers may add an advisory to ensure they stay within the testing guidelines of giving the benefit of the doubt to the presenter.  Corrosion is a particular item of note for advisories as whilst an area of corrosion may not yet be deemed a failure, the test "warrants" corrosion for three months from the date of test.
  • My vehicle has failed it's MOT, can you repair it?
Yes!  In all cases, where a vehicle fails it's MOT, we will provide a no obligation repair estimate as a courtesy and, if you decide to go ahead with the repair, we will usually have you back on the road the same or the next day.  
  • My vehicle has failed it's MOT test but the current certificate hasn't yet expired, can I still drive it?
This is a question we are asked fairly often, so we have approached the traffic police for their advice, which is "if you are driving a vehicle on the road with a known defect you are committing an offence".  Please bear in mind that your insurance may be invalid too, for the same reason.  Whilst it is not within the power of any MOT station or garage to prevent you from driving your car on the road for any reason, in this case  we would not recommend you do so.

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